Ways to earn from Facebook, 4 ways to earn from Facebook Reels, How to earn money from Facebook?


 Facebook Income 2024: Many of us waste our precious time on social media. We waste our precious time by chatting, viewing posts, watching videos etc. all day long.

On the other hand, many people try how to earn money online using Facebook. Or how to profit by using Facebook. You are a genius if you think so.

Since, you found this article by searching on Google and started reading it with great interest, then you must be one of the awesome.

Ways to earn from Facebook, 4 ways to earn from Facebook Reels, How to earn money from Facebook?

Earn from Facebook

Through this post, we   will learn about some of Facebook's own systems to earn money directly from Facebook (such as: Facebook monetization or In Stream Ads, Instant Article and Brand Collabs Manager program).  Also , I will discuss how to pave the way of income from Facebook by using intelligence  .

How to earn money on Facebook (Earn From Facebook)

If you are new to Facebook, first you need to understand the difference between Personal Account and Facebook Page. Beginners often confuse these two terms.

If you open an account by registering on Facebook, then that will be your Facebook account. And Facebook account always represents your own personality.

On the other hand, the profiles created from the Facebook account for your business or hobby are Facebook pages. These pages are generally used for commercial purposes.

There is no special opportunity to earn money from personal account on Facebook. All the ways to earn money from Facebook are basically based on Facebook page.

All Ways to Earn From Facebook 2024 | Facebook Income 2024 | Ways to earn from Facebook

Earn money with Facebook account

Currently, some websites have provided an opportunity to earn money by sharing posts on Facebook.

zeroshopbd is one of those websites. It is a Bangladeshi IT company. If you share the articles here daily with Facebook ID, they usually make 600 to 1000 taka at the end of the month.

In order to earn money by sharing the posts of zeroshopbd 's website, your Facebook ID must be genuine, not fake. Minimum number of Facebook friends should be 500 and all posts should be made private. Profile cannot be locked.

Earn money with facebook page 2024

If you are serious about earning from Facebook and the scope of your dream is big, you can fulfill it with Facebook page. Below is a detailed discussion about ways to earn from Facebook.

#1 Earn from Facebook through In Stream Ads

You must have noticed while watching videos on Facebook, some videos display small ads at the beginning, middle or end. These ads are called In Stream Ads.

Using In Stream Ads is a very profitable way to earn money from Facebook. Currently, those who want to earn money from Facebook by uploading videos, their main target is to get approval from Facebook for such advertisements.

Conditions for Facebook monetization using in stream ads

ln Stream Ads will not appear on your video if you open the page on Facebook and start uploading videos as desired. In order to get In Stream Ads in the video, some conditions of Facebook must be fulfilled. The conditions are mentioned below.

  • Must have a Facebook page.
  • Facebook page followers must be 10,000 or more.
  • The Page's videos must have at least 30,000 views (watched for more than 1 minute) in the last 60 days. Only videos longer than 3 minutes will count in this case.

Looking at the terms and conditions it seems very difficult to earn from Facebook page but actually it is not difficult. If you make 30-35 videos in advance and upload them together on Facebook, it is not very difficult to get 30 thousand views in 2 months. Because Facebook has a large number of users and they are always eager to see something new and quality.

How to know if your page is suitable for displaying Facebook In-Stream Ads

To know if your Facebook Page is eligible to display ads or if you can display Facebook In-Stream Ads on your Facebook Page videos, first login to your personal Facebook ID. Then click on this link and press the “Go to creator studio” button.

If your Facebook Page is eligible to earn revenue by displaying ads, it will have “Eligible” written in green. And if not eligible, then “Not Eligible” will appear in red color.

If the text "Not Eligible" appears in red ink despite trying to fulfill the conditions, take a good look at the above conditions of Facebook and try to understand which condition is not fulfilled among them.

If you meet Facebook's terms and conditions and "Eligible" is displayed, then In Stream Ads can be enabled from Creator Studio. In this case, Facebook will automatically or manually add In Stream Ads to your specific videos.

Good to know, In Stream ads can be divided into three categories based on the type of ad and display time. They are:

  • Pre roll ads:  The ads that are displayed just before the start of a video on Facebook are called Pre roll ads. This type of advertisement is usually of short duration.
  • It is better not to use pre roll ads in new condition. This is because many viewers lose patience when they see ads at the beginning before the main video starts. But, later on when people get to know you, using this type of ad is less likely to break the patience of viewers.
  • Mid-roll ads:  The ads that appear during the video are called mid roll ads. These ads come on suddenly like TV ads.
  • Image ads:  Such ads are image-centric. In this case, an advertisement image or banner is displayed below the original video. If you don't want to display ad videos at the beginning or middle of your video, then you can use this type of image based Facebook ads.

It's entirely up to you what kind of ads you display on your video and earn from Facebook. This freedom in displaying ads is a motivation for video makers.

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YouTube is better for earning by uploading videos? Or Facebook?

According to experts, Facebook's In Stream Ads are more profitable to earn by uploading videos than YouTube. Because, ads displayed on YouTube can be skipped after watching 2-3 seconds. In this video makers do not get the full amount of advertising money. But Facebook does not have any system to skip such ads. So the viewer is forced to watch the entire video and the video maker can earn the entire ad money.

Also, since Facebook is home to a lot of people, it is also much easier to run a campaign after uploading a video here. So it doesn't take much effort to get viewers to the video.

On the other hand, even if you publish a video on YouTube, you have to share the link on Facebook to reach people. So of course it is easier to earn by uploading videos on Facebook than YouTube.

Can the video published on YouTube be published on Facebook?

According to Facebook's current policy, videos published on YouTube can be published on Facebook, but the video must be your own.

If you publish someone else's YouTube video on your page, Facebook will not immediately remove it. Because Facebook robots do not have the ability to understand whether your video is copied from another platform.

But, if someone reports that video, it will go under scrutiny and if proven, your page will lose monetization or In Stream Ads benefits for the next few months or lifetime.

Not only that, there is a huge possibility of confiscating the previous money earned by In Stream ads on that Facebook page.

#2 Earn From Facebook With Instant Articles Program 2024

There are many news sharing pages on Facebook. They regularly publish links to various articles. A major source of income for websites that promote links is Facebook advertising.

If you click on the links they promote, you will see various advertisements along with the articles. All these ads are provided by Facebook itself. The website owner earns a good amount of money by promoting these ads.

The name of this program to earn money from Facebook by displaying ads on website articles is "Facebook Instant Article Program".

Released in 2015, the “Facebook Instant Articles” program opened a new avenue for bloggers to earn money from Facebook.

One of the fun aspects of the Facebook Instant Articles program is that you don't have to worry about the “where to put the ad” type of money making. Facebook does the ad placement automatically.

Website pages covered by the "Facebook Instant Articles" program look a lot like Google's AMP pages. As AMP webpages load faster, these webpages are also faster. Besides, these pages contain a lot of advertisements.

How to make money from Facebook with Instant Article Program?

First of all, to join the Instant Articles program, you will need a website with unique articles, a Facebook page and a bank account. It is good to say that articles should be published regularly on the website. Facebook generally does not allow websites that publish articles irregularly to join the program.

In order to earn money from Facebook in this way, first you have to register on Facebook Instant Articles. Then follow their instructions to apply to connect your website to the program.

Facebook authorities will visit your website. They usually take about 3 days to tell if the application is approved or not. If the application is accepted, you can start earning money from Facebook very easily.

There are three ways to submit website articles to the Facebook Instant Articles Program after the application has been accepted. They are: API, RSS Feed and CMS plugin (made for WordPress users).

Among these methods, API is relatively simpler and open to all. CMS plugins for WordPress are also an effective approach. But Facebook changes their guidelines and policies after some time and the plugin developers can't update the plugin to keep up with those changes, much too late. It has to face temporary complications.

Can Adsense and Facebook ads be displayed on the website at the same time?

There are many differences between Facebook ads and Google Adsense. Ads displayed by Google Adsense are displayed in any browser. But Facebook ads are not like that.

Facebook ads are only for Facebook mobile app users. Facebook ads will only appear on that website if you click on a link shared on a Facebook page. That is, at the same time, if someone enters the website with a normal browser, he will not be able to see any advertisement.

As per Facebook's latest updated policy, Google Adsense ads can be used simultaneously with Facebook ads. But this should not be done and can be said to be a threat to Adsense. Because the ads displayed by Facebook are displayed inside an Iframe, which violates AdSense guidelines.

However, many websites I know are also using Facebook Instant Program Ads and AdSense. Besides, they also say that it does not have any negative impact on their website. Rather, their combined earnings from Adsense and Facebook have increased much more.

How much money can be earned from the Facebook Instant Article Program?

To be honest, the CTR of ads under the Facebook Instant Articles program is very low. But if the Facebook page is popular and more visitors visit the site, then this little bit becomes outstanding.

There are many websites in Bangladesh, which are earning thousands of dollars per month from Facebook through this program. There are also many websites, which earn relatively less, often condemning Facebook.

I am not the one to say for sure how much income you can earn from Facebook through this program. But if you can attract quality articles and a large number of visitors, I can confidently say that the income will be as you wish.

A "common" suggestion in this regard is to write articles targeting people based in developed countries. In this case, if you want to write articles in Bengali instead of English, you should target Bangladeshi expatriates in Europe and America. Then you can earn relatively more money.

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#3 Earn from Facebook through Brand Collabs Manager program

Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager program is a lot like a sponsorship program. Through this, various big companies contract with various Facebook pages to advertise their services or products.

In simple terms, imagine you have a food review page on Facebook. The page has a fair amount of followers. Now, if a restaurant wants to increase its popularity by advertising on your Facebook page or by regularly promoting positive reviews of their restaurant, then they can do it with your permission through the process of Brand Collabs Manager and you can easily earn money from Facebook through them at home. can do

This process is much easier than other methods of earning money from Facebook. This way you don't have to write videos or articles regularly to earn money. Only Facebook page popularity is used to earn money.

But this simple method of earning from Facebook page is not very popular in our country. So it is difficult to find this kind of sponsor on a page made in Bengali language. If you want to make income from Facebook in 2023 by targeting the Brand Collabs Manager program, you should create a Facebook page focusing on the English language.

There is one more important thing to keep in mind while making money from Facebook through the Brand Collabs Manager program. That is, the niche of the Facebook page!

Imagine, you just opened a page to earn money from Facebook through the Brand Collabs Manager program. Then he started publishing funny videos or jokes to get likes and comments there! But you hope in your heart, a good restaurant or technology company will sponsor you!

If you do this, a comedy company might sponsor you, but a restaurant or tech company will never sponsor you. Because, in the case of the Brand Collabs Manager program, the content published on the niche or page acts as a very big factor.

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Ways to earn from Facebook with the Brand Collabs Manager program

You don't need 10,000 followers like In stream Ads to make money with Brand Collabs Manager program. Only 1000 followers will fulfill the follower requirements in this program.

However, the conditions did not end here. In addition to 1 thousand followers, we have to fulfill other conditions based on engagement.

Engagement based conditions are 15,000 post engagements within 60 days or 180,000 minutes of video views within 60 days or total 30,000 views of 1 minute in 60 days for all 3 minute videos.

It is good to say here that the aggregate of likes, comments and shares on Facebook page posts is called engagement. That is, if someone likes a post uploaded on your Facebook page, that like will count as 1 engagement. Similarly, when someone comments and shares a post, the engagement counts 1 for the comment and 1 for the share.

If I enter your page and like, comment and share any post on your page, then for this, 3 engagements will increase on your page.

Hopefully, you don't have to meet all of these conditions. Your Facebook page will be ready for the Brand Collabs Manager program if you meet any of the above criteria in addition to 1,000 followers.

#4 Earn money through Facebook by doing freelancing jobs

Freelancing is the most popular and reliable way to earn money online. Through this we can find any job at our convenience. Tasks can be done anytime, anywhere.

Freelancing means independent or free profession. And one who is associated with freelancing is called a freelancer. You can take up freelancing not only as a part-time job but also as a full-time job if you want. Freelancing definitely requires you to have some special skills.

Internet connection will also be required. And the third step will require the client; Who or who will give you job opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges in a freelancing career is getting clients. Many people like you are constantly looking for freelancing jobs. But few are getting work.

Marketing is needed to get clients. Yes, your skills need marketing just like the product.

Think about it, if you don't tell anyone about your skills, how will they know how much you know? Moreover, you need to inform the clients that you are interested in freelancing. That's why you need to showcase your skills in front of everyone. And this marketing requires a marketplace.

Facebook like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr can also be a boon for your freelancing career. There are already thousands of people like you on freelancing sites and the number is growing all the time. So naturally your chances of getting a job are very less. Even if you will get any job in 1-2 years there is no guarantee. In this case, Facebook is ready to give us several additional benefits.

Content writer, Freelancer community in Bangladesh, Freelancer Bangldesh group, Sofol Freelancer, Freelancer of Bangldesh, Freelancer Family, Bangladeshi Freelancer have many groups and pages on Facebook. Posting your skills here can get you several clients within 24 hours.

Sometimes clients post in the group describing their work. From there you can also find jobs according to your skills.

In this case, first you need to log into your Facebook account. After that, if you go to the search option and search, many groups will be displayed in the result. From there, browse through and select the best groups.

Once observed, join the group and become an active member of the group.

Visit the group regularly and gradually increase your exposure to the group. Within a week you will start getting work.

Content writing, Web designing, Graphics designing, Programming, SEO, Photoshop, Digital service and many more jobs for freelancing. Use the skill/s you have in these.

Not only can you find clients through Facebook, but you can also find solutions to various freelancing problems.

Moreover, if you get work from Bangladeshi freelancing group on Facebook, you don't have to get into complications for cash out. From Bikash, Rocket, Cash or Dutch Bangla, money will reach your hand within minutes.

But the work you get from sites like Upwork or Freelancer should be paid through skill, paypal or local bank; Which are relatively more complicated procedures.

You can earn thousands of rupees per month from Facebook through freelancing. But in this case, not much work is available at first. But once you start getting clients, your income will gradually increase.

In this case your work skills are very important. Both your clients and your work volume will increase if you can provide services according to the needs of the clients. And if the work increases, your income will also increase.

#5 Earn from Facebook by participating in various online contests

Apart from offline many competitions are also organized online these days. These competitions are held on various topics including painting, poetry recitation, essay writing, design, programming, general knowledge, quiz, written story-novel or poetry, music, dance. And the easiest way to find these contests is Facebook.

You can earn a good amount of money from Facebook through these online contests.

Different companies organize different contests online from time to time. The main purpose of the contests is to increase the awareness of the company.

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for campaigning or marketing a new product. By participating in these competitions through Facebook, you can win cash or internship opportunities as prizes.

Apart from this, various online quiz competitions are organized for students on various occasions including Independence Day, 1st February, 17th March, 15th August, Victory Day.

Cash or various expensive gifts are kept there as rewards. The news of these competitions held at the national level does not escape anyone's eyes on the Facebook newsfeed.

You can get almost all the information about the competitions from Facebook.
Facebook can also help you practice for competitions. There are many groups on Facebook on different topics. Through this you can practice regularly for the competition. For example, you have participated in a general knowledge competition. Now you can join general knowledge groups on Facebook and collect various important information from there. If the competition here is a test, then the groups can be considered as model tests.

Moreover, there are some groups on Facebook for competition; Which are constantly organizing contests. It is organized by various websites or YouTube channels. By joining these groups you can also be a part of the competition. Winners can win attractive prizes.

To earn from Facebook through contests, first you need to find some contests. For this you have to log in to the Facebook account and go to the menu. There you will see options called Events along with group, friends, memories, pages, setting and other options. As soon as you click on the Events option, you will get information about all the ongoing competitions. If you don't find the competition you want, you have to search by writing the name of the subject.

From these Facebook online competitions, you have to choose the right competition according to your skills and expertise.

A certain amount of registration fee may be required to participate in some contests. But there are many contests where no registration fee is required.

Again, as a condition for participating in these competitions, you may be given some work instead of money. Eg: Tag 10 or 20 friends, invite, share post etc.

As I said before, the main purpose of these competitions is to increase the awareness of the company. So here only your qualification is not enough. To win, your post must have maximum likes, positive comments and shares.

If you don't have a lot of fan-followers then it's impossible for you to win. But if you consider it differently, the qualification is the most important. Because if your project is not good in the competition, it is futile to expect likes and comments.

Followers are very important for earning from Facebook contest. The more followers you have, the more likes, shares and positive comments your contest post will receive. It will also increase your chances of winning. Because 30% to 50% of contest results will depend on these likes, comments and shares.

So start increasing followers on Facebook account from now. Also share some important content regularly and try to maintain a fairly good relationship with everyone. Basically, to win the contest you need to become an active Facebook user.

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#6 Earn from Facebook by doing influencer marketing

You can earn thousands of rupees from your Facebook account by making yourself an influencer.

You can also create a Facebook page for this if you want. Facebook page works more effectively in this regard.

Marketing a company's products on social media using personal identity is influencer marketing. It can also be called the latest version of digital marketing.

Influencers are a lot like the modern brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is a person who does the marketing of a particular product. That is, the person represents the product.

Only celebrities are made brand ambassadors. For example, the new brand ambassador of Grameenphone is the world's best all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan.

But you don't have to be a huge celebrity to be an influencer on Facebook. In this case, you only need to make your profile or page popular. That is why it is necessary to present yourself in front of everyone. If you don't have the skills to present yourself, influencer marketing is not for you. Because only such a personality has the ability to influence others.

For influencer marketing you need a Facebook account or Facebook page. In this case, the biodata in the profile should be well organized. Your skills, expertise, experience, hobbies should be clear.

For influencer marketing you first need to pick a specific topic. Later all your statuses or posts should be focused on that specific topic.

In order to increase the followers, the profile or Facebook page has to share content on that particular topic regularly. Also the contents should be interesting and creative. But they should never be out of that specific subject.

In this way, Facebook profile or page should gradually increase followers. You have to work hard to keep followers.

Influencer marketing can be divided into different categories based on the number of followers. Among these, the main four categories are:

  • Nano influencer  (10k and below)
  • Micro influencer  (10 thousand to 1 lakh)
  • Macro influencer  (1 lakh to 10 lakh)
  • Mega influencer  (10 lakh and above)

As you might be thinking, mega influencers have huge followings to match! But not so.

In this case, nano influencers have the highest income opportunities. Because the more followers, the less communication between them. In this case, most of the time there is no mutual communication. And influencer marketing is never successful if there is no communication with followers. That's why most companies give marketing opportunities to influencers with relatively low number of followers.

Once you have enough fan-followers on your profile or page, then you need to move to the second step. At this stage you need to create an account with the influencer marketing agency. These agencies will give you influencer marketing opportunities. Hire-influence, Blog-mint, Fromote are some agencies that provide such opportunities. After signing up on these sites, you have to fill a form with your profile information. Make sure that no information is wrong in the form.

Here is an opportunity for you as an influencer to set a fixed price for any product. For example: For each product of Ispahani Mirzapur brand, you can set the price as 500/1000/2000 rupees.

Through influencer marketing on Facebook, you can earn huge amount of money per month just by using your personal identity. This work has great potential in the future as well. As the popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day, the future potential of influencer marketing is not unusual.

Not only on Facebook, influencer marketing can be done on all other social media sites as well. But as an influencer, you will benefit the most through Facebook. Because the world's most popular social media site is Facebook. This year, the number of Facebook users worldwide has exceeded 186 million!

#7 Earn from Facebook by selling products

Facebook is a great place to sell products. You can find buyers on Facebook to sell everything from your old mobiles, laptops to motorcycles. It doesn't take much to find a buyer for your product among billions of users.

There are many groups open for buying and selling second hand products online. By joining them, you can earn money through Facebook by selling old products.

Also, new products can be sold by opening a page on Facebook. There are many online shops, which are completely dependent on Facebook. If you want to sell the product in this way, first buy the product at a low price from somewhere. Then take pictures of them and publish them on Facebook. Then when someone orders that product, sell it at a higher price than what you bought it for. That's it!

#8 Income by selling Facebook pages

Think, you opened a Facebook page to achieve a specific goal or for a hobby. But after a few days there was no more interest in using the page. What to do then? Leave it?

Nah! You can also sell your Facebook page if you want. If you sell a Facebook page, you can earn a good amount of money based on the number of followers on that page and the quality of the published posts.

Last year I created a Facebook page focusing on traveling as a hobby. Within a few months of posting a few travel-themed videos, my page had over 35,000 followers. I later sold those videos and the Facebook page with 40 thousand followers for 35 thousand taka.

And for you:

#9 Income From Facebook Groups 2024

Nowadays it is possible to earn money from Facebook groups. But for that group should have good number of active members. There are some bloggers I know, who are making income from Facebook by renting out their Facebook groups.

The method of earning from Facebook group is, if you have a good number of active members in your Facebook group, then you can earn money by marketing someone else's company or product by sharing various links in that group. It is a very simple matter.

Note:  We will discuss in detail how to earn money by opening a Facebook group in the next post.

Ways to make Facebook page popular

After discussing the various methods of earning money from Facebook for so long, you must have understood how necessary a Facebook page is to earn money.

But remember, just by opening the Facebook page, you will not start earning money. For this, the Facebook page should be popularized or followers should be increased.

The first step to start earning from a Facebook page is to make the page popular. Here are some tips on how to make a Facebook page popular fast.

  • If you want to make your Facebook page popular quickly, you must open a new Facebook page. Many people migrate the Facebook ID to the page and use it. Some people want to delete all the previous posts of an old page that has been left for a long time and make a new one. Doing this will reduce the "Reach" of the page's posts. That is, new posts from your page will not reach everyone's timeline.
  •  Page profile and cover pic must be attractive and professional. If necessary, get the logo designed by designers. Designing these may cost Rs 300 to 2000 in current context. Remember, all businesses require some investment in the beginning. Anyone who can do these IT related tasks invests labor and time. And who can't, he invests money.
  • The URL of the page must be kept short, so that people can remember it easily.
  • Post atleast 2 good things everyday. It can be simple text, image or video.
  • Reply to others' comments. Your page will seem lively if you can regularly reply to posts and comments.
  • Invite friends regularly to like the page. You can invite your followers by showing them something.
  • Give gifts to followers occasionally. If your page is a product page, give away a free product to some followers or regular customers once a month or a week. Spread the word about this freebie lightly on the page. If you highlight too much, you are likely to fall prey to trolls.
  • Occasionally promote discount coupons on your various products on Facebook page.
  • Check the “Insights” page regularly.
  •  If someone messages you on the page, there is no problem in replying late, but you have to speak in a nice manner. Speak politely in pure Bengali without writing Banglis.

last word

Facebook pages are a great resource. If you can make a Facebook page popular, you can earn money from it in many ways.

If you read the entire article carefully, you will get all the ways to earn from Facebook. Now it's time to apply the pen. Hopefully, very soon you can start earning from Facebook.

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