How to earn by making e-books, the way to make a large amount of income by selling e-books



Many people say that selling books on Amazon is a long and complicated process, but the truth is that Amazon is committed to keeping its quality in mind for its customers and publishers.

Currently, ebooks are skyrocketing in popularity and Amazon's book market is recognized worldwide, so if you want to earn permanent profits from this huge market, you need to follow several processes or rules.

Do you know that I have quite a few social friends who are earning 4 figures a month by selling ebooks in Bangladeshi rupees costing above 1 lakh rupees. So you have to work in proportion to reach your desired goal.

How to earn by making e-books, the way to make a large amount of income by selling e-books

Selling books on Amazon is an easy process and you don't have to pay anything for it. First, open an Amazon account with your email and other information. Then you can easily add your book to Amazon's featured catalog. Amazon will deduct a certain commission on the sale of your book for listing your book.

When you upload your book to Amazon's digital platform in text format, DTP automatically converts your book to a format compatible with Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Instructions on how to sell
: * Create a copy of your book in your choice of three formats: HTML, Plain Text or Microsoft Word.

* Login to Amazon's digital platform. If you don't have an Amazon ID, create one, using the Sign Up button.
* Click on “My Shelf” button and click on “Add New Item” button to add new book.

* Then enter your product details. Starting with the title, add a short summary description (under 4,000 characters). In the case of an author, enter the name of the author by clicking on the button called “Edit”.

* Enter the ISBN number for your book although this is not required. But it is a good way to get international identification through ISBN number.

* If you are a self-publisher, enter your name in the Publisher space and add the date of publication.

* Add copyright information.
* Upload your book cover image. This is very important because the reader first gets an idea of ​​the book by looking at the picture or the cover.
* Then upload the file on your computer by clicking the browse button.

* If the upload is completed successfully it will be pending for reconsideration. An agent will review your book and give permission for publication.
* Finally, mention your suggested retail price, then click on “Save” button and publish it.

Now it may take some 2 to 3 days to publish your book successfully. Then see your book successfully published on Amazon's digital platform.

Special Note:

  • Never upload copyright books i.e. books of others.
  • Try to maintain the quality of the book.
  • Focus on creating beautiful covers.
  • Determine prices considering international demand and customer affordability.

What is e-book?

Books that can be read without touching the hands are called e-books. Usually we read data from different files in mobile or computer. When information is stored in written form online in a file, it is called an e-book. Eg: Doc file, Word file, PDF file etc.

How to get e-book buyers?

If half of the 170 million people in Bangladesh do not know how to shop online. Then there are 8,500,000 more people who know about online. I think half of the people are not interested in buying e-books. Even then there will be 4,250,000 more people who want to shop online. Apart from that, suppose your target customer is only 50,000 people. Out of 50,000 customers, you have 1,000 active customers per month. If you make a profit of Rs. 50 per e-book sold.

How Much Income Can You Make Selling Books on Amazon Kindle Platform?, Complete Guide to Passive Income by Writing eBooks

So do some calculations. How much money can be earned by selling e-books only in Bangladesh? Remember, the customer will purchase the product from you once. He will become your regular customer. If your service is in demand. Earn by selling e-books Kindle eBook Business If you make a profit of 50 rupees from 1000 buyers, you will make a profit of 50,000 rupees. If you deduct 5000 taka as marketing cost from here, you can still earn 45,000 taka. Now hopefully, you understand that it is possible to earn 45 thousand taka per month from Bangladesh by selling e-books. I will discuss about Kindle eBook Business a little later. Earlier we learned how to earn money by doing business within the domestic area.

Where to collect the e-book?

If you have writing skills, you can write e-books on various topics yourself. You can easily sell your books online if you can't afford to publish your own writing. Then you can sell books written by others. But for that you can contact various publications. If they allow you, you can convert the book to an e-book and sell it online. You can sign an agreement for this. Each time a book is sold, a portion of the profit will be shared with the author and the publisher.

How to sell e-books?

Although there are many platforms for doing business online, a website in the name of your business is definitely needed for your company's recognition and credibility. This will be your online store from where you will sell products. There is no alternative to having your own website to easily take payments from buyers and buy and sell products.

This website is called e-commerce website in online parlance. If you want to do e-book business only in Bangladesh, then you need personal business website. Creating your own website is not mandatory to work with Kindle eBooks. You can start it by contracting directly with Amazon. Contracting with Amazon is very easy. You need to do this by filling an online form and submitting your information.

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