Earn money online by selling photos and footage, earn money by selling photos online



Earn money selling photos online 2024 — Photographers currently have many opportunities to earn online by selling photos online. If you are doing photography as a hobby, you can earn good money by selling photos online besides satisfying your hobby.

The best part is that you don't need any experience to earn from photography. If you have a DSLR camera and know a little about photo editing, you can earn money by selling your high-quality photos through various online marketplaces.

Earn money online by selling photos and footage, earn money by selling photos online

Photography is basically a hobby. Almost every day we take different pictures as a hobby and upload them on Instagram and Facebook or other sites. But actually we don't get any benefit from those sites. But if you have a dslr camera, you can easily earn money by selling photos online by taking pictures of yourself and other interesting things including nature scenes.

In today's article we will discuss the details of earning money online through photography. If you are a photographer or like to take pictures, what kind of pictures you can earn more money by taking pictures and selling pictures on which marketplaces, what you need to do to sell pictures and how much money you can earn by selling pictures I will discuss all the issues in detail.

Ways to earn money by selling photos online How to sell photos online

Earlier media was only offline like: magazines, newspapers, books etc. But in today's internet age, millions of websites are being added to the internet every day. These sites require a large number and different categories of copyright free images.

There are a variety of stock photo sites to provide such a large amount of photos, which sell the photos uploaded by photographers and give the photographer a large share of the price of their photos.

Some images are premium quality paid stock photos that are only sold once. The price of these pictures is at least 100 dollars. On the other hand, pictures that are sold repeatedly, are charged from $1 to $10.

Moreover, there are some image selling websites, which basically provide the opportunity to download images for free, and earn by placing ads on the website. They basically have the option of giving a thanks giving donation to the downloader for a photographer's photo. Since this Thanksgiving donation is very common in developed countries, it also earns good income.

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Website for selling photos Best 7 Photo Selling Websites

There are many online photo selling websites that will give you an opportunity to earn money by selling photos At a glance, check out our picks for  the 7 best photo selling websites :

  1. Shutterstock.com
  2. Adobe stock
  3. Can stock photo
  4. Alamy.com
  5. IstockPhoto.com
  6. pexels.com
  7. pixabay.com

1. Shutterstock.com Best photo selling website

One of the most popular websites for selling photos online. As a photographer you can earn a lot of money from this marketplace for a long time.

According to the owners of the Shutterstock site, sellers on this site have earned around $500 million worldwide so far. There are over 100 million images. New pictures are being uploaded constantly.

Here you can sign up absolutely free. Earn $.04 per photo and 10% for videos. You will get about 40% commission from this site based on the downloaded images. It is possible to earn up to 120 dollars per day by working regularly on this website.

No need to worry about payment. You will be paid your dues every month from the Shutterstock website.
The more images you upload, the more you can earn.

You can also earn by referring someone from this site. When an artist signs up from your referral link, you'll get a commission on every image download they upload. So Shutterstock is undoubtedly a profitable website to earn online.

If you are a good quality photographer, then Shutterstock website is for you What better way to earn money than selling your photos online?

2. Adobe stock | Popular photo selling website

Adobe stock is one of the most popular stock image websites today. Every day many companies, freelancers and organizations buy thousands of premium quality images from Adobe stock.

On this website you will get up to 33% commission for every download of any of your simple images or vector images and up to 35% for videos. Only $25 can be withdrawn through PayPal or Skrill.

But if you want to sell photos on this site, you must have good knowledge about camera and photography Otherwise the dream of making money by selling your photos will remain a dream.

The more amazing, good quality photos you take, the more you can earn. You can make the picture more interesting with the right combination of lightning, natural moments, color of the picture.
Why sell photos on Adobe stock site?

  • Up to 33% commission for photos
  • 35% for video
  • Withdrawal is only $25
  • Withdraw facility to wallet like Paypal or Skrill.

Adobe stock is undoubtedly a good platform for quality photographers If you want to earn a good amount of income online, sell your best photos today on Adobe stock and start earning by selling photos online.

3. Canstock photo

Can stock photo is a site that will give you up to 50% commission for every download. It is currently one of the fastest and fairest websites that will definitely pay you. Once you reach $50 you will be allowed to withdraw your earnings

If you upload images regularly every week and if you have a lot of images in your account then your earnings will also increase. Because the better the quality of the picture, the more the opportunity to earn. From this website you get:

  • Up to 50% commission
  • Fast submission facility
  • Withdrawal allowed only for $50
  • Easy and quick withdrawal facility

Registration on this website is very easy. To register, you need to send an application with at least three photos.

If the quality of your picture is good, you will get a replay from them within a day. So there is no reason to worry about income if you can do quality work.

Apply today with your best photos on the can stock photo site. And earn money by selling pictures online within few days.

4. Alamy.com

Alamy.com is known worldwide as a repository of unique and creative images Every image on this website is of good quality and unique. There are about 236.23 million images. About 3000 images are added to Alamy.com every day.

So if your photos are unique and creative then Alamy.com will be a profitable site for you.

What you get as a contributor to Alamy.com;

  • Get upto 50% commission for exclusive images
  • Get up to 40% commission for non-exclusive images
  • You can submit very easily and quickly
  • You can contract directly and hassle free

So register as a contributor on Alamy.com to get the right price for creative photos taken on your camera.

If you want to register, write your name, email address, mobile number and some simple words about your skills and apply on Alamy.com. Make proper use of the photos taken on your camera. Earn money by selling photos on Alamy.com.

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5. IstockPhoto.com | Website for selling pictures

IstockPhoto.com is another popular site among photo selling websites these days. i-Stock Photo provides micro stock images worldwide. Artists, photographers and designers from different parts of the world upload their pictures as contributors here. Earn a lot of money by selling them.

If you want to join IstockPhoto.com then you can become a member of IstockPhoto.com by just selecting your email, country and a password. And you can earn a lot of money by selling your photos.

There are many other stock photo selling sites online that will give you a golden opportunity to earn money by selling your photos.

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You too can become a seller/contributor of any stock image website by following simple registration procedures on each website.

In many cases the amount of honorarium is more and in many cases it is less. But if the quality of the picture is good, the sales will be more and the amount of income will also increase.

6. Pexels

Pexels is a popular website for downloading free photos and videos. But you can earn by uploading your photos here.

Although Pixel doesn't pay directly, this photo selling site has a Thanksgiving option. If your images are beautiful, get lots of downloads, then you can earn huge amount of money.

7. Pixabay

Similar to Pexels, Pixabay is a photo selling website. But only premium quality free images are selectively uploaded here. Hence, the number of pictures here is somewhat less.

So, if your image quality is good, you can earn by uploading images on pixabay. Income from this picture selling website is generated only through Thanksgiving.

 If you are determined to earn money by selling photos online , uploading photos to these 7 photo selling websites will be very profitable.

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Can you make money selling photos online?

Do you have a good quality camera? Or a very good picture of the mobile camera? Can you take better pictures?

Congratulations, you  are ready to make  money online with photography . Then it's not too late. Put these skills to use and   start making money selling your camera photos today. 

Maybe you take a variety of photos as a hobby. He constantly takes pictures of his friends for free. It does nothing but waste your time.

So don't waste your time taking photos just for fun. Rather, this hobby will be your source of income. Let's find out how to earn money online by selling your photos.

Why earn by selling your photos?

Why sell your photos taken as a hobby? And why choose this option to have so many options to earn? This question must be running in your head.

But rather than start with any doubts, it is better to know why you should sell your photos online to make money

Just think about how much time you spend in front of your camera throughout the day? Taking thousands of photos as a hobby fills the entire gallery.

In return getting some likes and comments from friends on social media but nothing is happening at work. Maybe sometimes you have to go into picture deletion operation due to occupying extra memory space. Photographs are the treasure and trash of photographers  .

So, use your photography hobby without wasting your time and pictures unnecessarily. And make your life more meaningful with your income.

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Is it profitable to sell your own photos online?

Yes, now let's get to the real topic. You did a hard job. Thoughtfully took some pictures all day. He took it as a source of income but there was no satisfactory income. So tell me how it will be?

But then no one would think of selling the painstakingly made pictures. Many people are turning to this path these days because it is possible to make substantial profits.

However, the amount of money you make by taking and selling those photos will depend on you and to some extent on the site you want to sell the photos on.

The more images you upload, the more you can earn. Your photo quality also depends on your income. The more quality photos you upload, the more demand your photos will have and the more your income will increase.

Where to sell camera photos online?

There are many photo selling sites online that will allow you to sell your own photos. But the most profitable among them is  the online stock image website .

Currently, many people do not want to take the trouble of hiring a photographer separately for different companies, freelancers, offline businesses or advertising. Want to easily download images for your work or organization.

So you can understand the demand of a film these days. And it is possible to earn thousands of rupees by using this demand of theirs.

Now anyone can earn money by selling their hobby photos on this stock image website. After you upload your photo here, anyone who downloads it gets permission to use it. And this will be your source of income.

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How to earn money by selling pictures on the website of selling pictures?

To earn from stock image website first you need to select a trusted website. You must sign up there.

If you want to sign up on any stock image website, you must first find the sell image or submit image options.

Then you have to register. The registration process is basically the same as other ten common websites. For this, your legal name, username, verified email address and a strong password are enough.

So you can see how easily you can register on any stock image website. And you can start earning by selling your photos.

Now there is a question in your mind, why people buy my pictures? Who will benefit from my photos? Let's find out about this;

Who will buy your photos? Why buy?

You can't imagine how much demand you have for a quality photo in this age of internet and digital technology. These days freelancers are growing from house to house. Various organizations are being built on digital marketing

Any company, website owner, blogger or online businessman will be the biggest customer of your photos.

Good quality and copyright free images are required for various tasks such as advertising, promotion, packaging, writing, branding, design etc. at the level of these organizations or individuals.

But they don't have time to take pictures. So they buy images and copyrights from stock image sites. So by working on stock image website you can be sure that you will get the right price for your quality work.

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How much money can be earned by selling pictures?

This is of course very important because how can you do a job with difficulty and not have a proper idea of ​​its value.

The exact amount of money you can earn by selling pictures online cannot be said. Because it totally depends on which stock image website you are uploading your images to. And the most valuable thing is the quality of your photos?

Good quality stock image websites will pay you a minimum of $.25 – $.35 per image download. And this amount will increase based on how many times your photo is downloaded. Then do the calculation easily.

If your images are downloaded 100 times a day, is the amount of money you are getting per day (100*0.25 = 40$ = 3000 ৳) not enough?

One important thing to remember is that you must upload quality and timely images. Otherwise you will only waste your time. So if you want to earn money by selling pictures online, you must keep these things in mind.

Now let's know the names of some stock image websites where you can earn money by selling your own photos.


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One last thing about photo selling websites

Do you understand,  it is possible to earn money by selling pictures online  ! If you have a keen interest in photography and have enough knowledge about photography, then don't wait any longer and put this skill to use today.

Give your photography hobby a professional opportunity without wasting your valuable time like others. Turn this photography hobby and skill into your source of income.

Find out the exact price of each unique and quality photo you took pains to capture.  Register today on the site of your choice from our recommended top 7  photo selling websites .

Hopefully, the mentioned ways to earn money by selling photos online and 7  websites to sell photos online  will be useful to you. You can also earn money by selling photos online.

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