Earn money as a voice over artist, earn money online as a voice over artist



In very simple terms voice over is a production technique where the voice (speaking or any voice) that we hear is actually recorded separately.

For example, let's say that the cartoon that we see on TV, the picture of that cartoon is actually made through animation method.

But the words spoken by the cartoon characters, which are actually recorded separately from a human voice, are matched so well with the animation that we think the characters are actually speaking.

Voiceover is the recording of a human voice separately. 

Earn money as a voice over artist, earn money online as a voice over artist

What is voice over?

In any movie or video we watch on TV or now on mobile, we hear the words spoken by the characters in many cases, but actually after shooting the picture with the camera, only the dialogues of the movie are recorded again in the recording room (this is because the dialogue of the movie we I can hear it well), it is also a kind of voice over.

When a movie in any language is dubbed into another language, voice over is actually used, because the picture of the movie remains the same only the sound (language) changes. 

Also, the sounds we hear on trains, planes, radios where we are given instructions through different words, these are all voice overs.

In what cases is voice over used?

  • Dubbing of foreign language movies 
  • TV program 
  • Commercial 
  • Radio or audio plays/stories 
  • video games
  • Audio book
  • Promo
  • Trailer 
  • Training / e-learning 
  • podcast 

Let's see how we can earn money by doing voice over?

Just like other ways to earn online from home, we can earn money by using our voice i.e. talking using different freelancing platforms. 

How much money can be earned by voice over?

How much money a person can earn as a voice over artist will depend a lot on the type of voice over artist they work with. For example – TV advertisement, commercial, song, cartoon character, lead character or voice over artist of supporting role. 

Can it be taken as a main source of income (full time job)?

Yes definitely can be taken. Cartoons like Doraemon, Sin-Chan, Chhota Bheem, Gopal Bhand, Nonte Font have gained so much popularity mostly because of the skill of the voice over artists that brought them to life.

And if one really has the talent of voice, and can prove himself by trying patiently in the beginning, then it is really a very good profession.  

If you want to do voice over, what equipment is necessary to keep at home?

What will be needed –

If you're recording in a recording studio, there's really no need to buy anything at home.

But our purpose of this article is to give information on how to do voice over at home, so those who want to do voice over work should make all arrangements at home. 

  • microphone
  • Mic stand 
  • headphones
  • Software (AUDACITY, OCEANAUDIO etc.)
  • Laptop or computer
  • Very quiet environment 

Special Note –

1. Whenever you want to add yourself as a voice over artist to a website, check if the site offers voice over services in the language you know.

2. If you are fluent in more than one language, you can apply on the same website to join as a VO artist in different languages. 

3. If you see any website does not provide Bengali voice over service, then if you are fluent in Indian accent of English then you can apply for that too. 

From which websites are voice over freelancing jobs available?

If you are willing to do voice over work, you can enroll or register yourself as a VO artist on two types of sites. For example –

1) Various freelancing marketplaces (Platforms where freelancing can be done on various topics)

2) Certain websites that only provide voice over services 

Freelancing Marketplace –

If you want to work as a voice over artist not only on voice over job sites, you must try to register and start working on these platforms as these sites have the highest popularity and customer base. 

Some such marketplace sites are –

Fiverr –

This is a marketplace where anyone (freelancers) can find all kinds of work and since it is a big enough marketplace for freelancers, the chances of actually getting a job are higher than other voice over sites.

Especially for those new to the industry.

Why is it necessary to register and create a profile in the freelancing marketplace?

Not all the sites that are dedicated to voice over are able to work in Bengali or local language, but most of the foreign sites do not have Bengali voice over service or even if they do have it so little that only if one thinks of registering on such a site can Bengali voice be provided. If you think to do over, then it will not work anymore.

But marketplaces like Fiverr offer more than just real job opportunities. So it is better to first gain experience by working on such sites and then move to specialized sites.

(Or you can create a profile on all sites at once. Now prove yourself by taking the opportunity to find work from anywhere.)


It is also a market place where it is very important to create your profile and join as a voice over artist for voice over work.

Trulancer.com –

It is also a marketplace for freelancers similar to Upwork and Fiverr. You can also register here because Bengali voice over work can also be found here.

LinkedIn –

Since this site also works as a means of finding jobs for people of various professions (be it full-time or part-time or freelancer), it is imperative to create your own profile here.

Now let's see which sites are famous only for voice over work –

9 Websites for Voice Over Jobs

Bunnystudio –

This platform is really good for those who want to work as a brand new VO.

The website authority lets you decide how much to charge per hour and uses artificial intelligence to send jobs to your mailbox according to your profile, thereby freeing you from the hassle of selecting jobs from a list.  

Can you do voice over in any language?

Here you can of course record your voice in any language and send it.

This platform provides voice over services in almost all languages ​​of the world. 

A very effective web platform for voice artist or voice actor work. In addition to voice over, you can also join as a writer, translator, transcriber, audio/video producer, audiobook voice artist.   

But here it has to be done very quickly. 

Payment – ​​through paypal and payoneer 


A great website which is really easy to get work done. This platform is quite popular in this industry and their customer base is also quite large.

Payment –  ​​Here the duration of the audio file depends on the type of payment you will receive.

You will need to negotiate with the client what kind of payment you will receive. Voice 123 acts only as a medium. 

Payment Partner – PayPal

How to join as a VO artist on the website –

It is very easy to join this website as a voice over actor or artist.

Just record your voice beautifully and come to this website and fill the form with a few small details to create your account, upload your recorded audio, and you're done. 

Don't be rejected if your voice is preferred by the authority.

There are three types of accounts, Standard, Premium, and Platinum. Anyone can open a standard account for free.  

Work from free account first, if you like your work and want to work more then take premium account.

Read more:

Can you do voice over in any language?

Available in all languages ​​including Bengali, English, Hindi.


It is a website headquartered in London and Canada.

And they mostly provide voice over services on European and North American accents.

So it has to be said that for those whose languages ​​are not mother tongue, working on this site is not very profitable, (although now a few sites also do work in other local languages ​​sometimes, but they are very few in number.) 

Here anyone can register as a voice over artist for free and then create a good profile of yourself (with demo), if clients like your profile you will get work. 

Although the site is not exactly for those new to the voice over world. 

Payment –  ​​They have their own escrow service, so the payment method is quite good.

(In other words, the client pays Voices before you do the work. You automatically get paid if you do a good job. If you don't, the client receives their money back.) 

Although the chances of getting a job with “free registration” are low, because their premium subscription at $49 offers many job opportunities if someone registers.

Can you do voice over in any language?

Available in all languages ​​including Bengali, English, Hindi.

Voice 123, bunnystudio, voices.com are very popular websites but they are international platforms so there is little opportunity to give special importance to Bengali. 

This time some special sites will be mentioned which give a lot of importance to Bengali voice over service –

Definitely the best sites for newbies to join as Bengali voice over artists –

Voquent.com –

An amazing website, if you want to do voice over in Bengali you should definitely join this platform.

You can join here without any registration fee. 

Voyzapp.com –

Good enough platform for those who are new to this industry. In that sense, you don't have to pay any money to get a job here. 

This site is relatively new and offers VO services mostly in Indian languages. 

Payment Method –  They have their own Escrow system for payment so no need to worry about payment. 

voicetalentonline.com –

There is also no joining fee, so register to join this website and send demo if authority likes you can get job from here too.

Covoco.co –

It is also quite a popular platform. No upfront payment is required. 

Payment – ​​done through Paypal. 

Of course you can also register here. 

Read more:


Backstage has been providing work to voice artists for almost fifty years starting from 1960s. Till now more than 1 lakh voice artists are working on this website. Here you can read career tips, career advice etc. along with working as a voice artist.

Casting Call Club

You will find voice artist jobs at casting clubs on a wide variety of topics. These include ethics, online marketing, business, audio engineering, etc. There are more than 1 lakh voice artists here too. Over a thousand new voice over jobs are available here every week.

Crowdsping LLC

Crowdspring is essentially a heaven for creative people. Creatives will find a variety of jobs here. More than 2 lakh people have worked here since 2008. Here you will find voice artist jobs as well as logo design, graphics design, art, product design and naming jobs.


Mandy has been doing a variety of things on the Internet since the 1970s. They are basically the largest actor community in the world. Here you will find voice over jobs as well as film actors, TV crew, theater professionals, child actors, voice artists, singers, musicians.

Pro G

Pro G is a specialized freelance platform originally from Ukraine. Since 1999, more than 1 million users have been registered here. As this is a freelance platform so here you will find various types of jobs as well as numerous jobs as a voice artist.

Spot light

Spot Light is basically a London based film production company where you can find jobs (acting, TV crew, theater etc) as well as voice artist. Since 1927, more than a few hundred thousand people have worked here.

Work market

You can find thousands of jobs in this freelancing market place connected with many of the biggest companies in the world. There are many opportunities for creative people to work creatively. In the job market you will find thousands of jobs as a voice actor.


Bodolgo is not only a website to work as a voice artist, but you can also find and work with voice artists. Here you will find more than 2 lakh jobs in different languages ​​to work as a voice artist.

Direct Voices

Direct Voices has been placing voice artists in various companies for almost 25 years. You can start working as a voice artist by registering here. Major producers and directors around the world look for voice artists from this Spanish company.

The Voice Realm

The voice realm is called a voice dictionary. Various film directors look for voice artists from here. Register here and upload your voice over. You will be given the job through mail. Here mainly the voice artist is hired by the voice professional.

Voice Archive

Companies like Amazon, Google, Airbnb hire voice artists from this voice archive. Voice Archive is not a freelance marketplace, but here you can open an account and apply for jobs. Once the job is done, you can work from home.

Voice Bunny

Like Voice Archive, Voice Bani is also a great voice over company from which many big companies take voice over. From Voice Bunny you can join as a voice actor among other jobs. Here also you have to apply for jobs.

Voice one to three

The most popular marketplace for voice artists since 2003 is Voice One to Three. Because this voice over company is the largest marketplace for voice actors only. Just like any other freelance market place, all the rules but only one job, and that is voice over.

Voices Pro (Blue Compass Ltd)

Voices Pro is primarily working in partnership with Mandy. Although you will find all kinds of jobs from Mandy but only from Voices Pro you will find voice over jobs. Here mainly the work is done by professional voice artists.

Add voice

Ad Voice is basically a production company where they hire voice artists for various projects. Many big movies have come to the film industry through the hands of a London based production company. You can work here only as a voice artist, users are not hired from outside for other jobs.

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