Young woman satisfies hunger with blind young man, forget not to watch this web series in front of children


Young woman satisfies hunger with blind young man, forget not to watch this web series in front of children

A lot has changed in the busy era. People's way of entertainment has also changed. Due to this, the trend of going to the cinemas and watching movies among the audience has decreased.

People have become mobile animals day by day. So the web series was invented to capture the world of entertainment in the mobile phone. Currently, the web series in the whole country is also peaking in India.

Apart from Hindi, makers are now making web series in many regional languages as well. Among them, some Bengali, Bhojpuri series also attract attention. But the popularity of Hindi series is nationwide.

Currently, there is a variety of content on the OTT platform, but now the demand for adult web series is very high. Web series filled with hot and bold scenes are loved by viewers on many platforms.

And OTT platforms like 'Ullu', 'MX Player Online', 'Allot Balaji', 'Koku' have become famous by creating series based on such stories and scenarios. But the series of 'Prime Shots' has now secretly become famous among the audience of different age groups.

And this kind of 'Andha Dhund' series has gained great popularity in the past days. This series is full of open scenes. This series depicts the story of a family whose householder is a big businessman.

On the other hand, his son Rohit is blind. Rohit has no eyesight since childhood. And that's why the dangerous man brought a maid named Monika to look after Rohit.

On the one hand, Rohit slowly starts getting attracted to the woman. On the other hand, he started stealing things from the house one after another, taking advantage of Rohit's disability. In this series, the woman is also seen doing mischief in bed with Rohit. And this is how the series goes towards the end.

This series has many daring scenes with an interesting story. And that's why this series made for adults has become very popular among the younger audience. The series stars OTT queen Alia Naaz in the lead role.

The audience is swept away by the tide of his youth. You can watch this series only if you have a subscription to the 'Prime Shots' app.

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