Wife heals sick husband by showing body games, watch this short film for full fun



Wife heals sick husband by showing body games, watch this short film for full fun

Bengali short film 'Andhare Alo' was uploaded on a YouTube channel called 'SBF Production' on August 39 this year. This short film is directed by Binay Biswas. Dev, Kiran Mandal, Moumita, Arnab Lahiri, Ashik Billa played the main roles in the short film. So far the short film has crossed only three thousand views.

In the beginning of the short film, a girl is called by a man. He asks the girl to take care of his sick son. That person does not know how to study. As a result, he cannot read the English name of the medicine. The girl says, she will handle everything.

At this time Sanju, the man's mentally unbalanced son, suddenly comes in front of him. The girl got scared. When Sanju's father shouts, he goes inside. He reassures the girl. The girl says she will take care of father and son. The gentleman is impressed by his behavior and says that in this short time he has adopted everyone.

But while serving Sanju, the girl was raped by him. As a result, the girl became pregnant. As a result, the girl tried to commit suicide. But Sanju's father saves him. When Sanju's father asks her to marry his own son, she agrees.

  The girl put her head on Sanju's father's shoulder and cried. Meanwhile, neighborhood goon Rocky comes and asks Sanju's father for money. He says if he can't pay the money then hand over the daughter-in-law to Rocky. Rocky captures Sanju's father and tries to rape the girl, but Sanju comes and saves him. But he himself escapes from there. Rocky and his team chase him.

But they got caught due to Sanjur's injury. Once his father and wife came to the spot to look for Sanju. They realize that Sanju has recovered.

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