What is email marketing? Details, Easy way to earn with email marketing, Make money with email marketing


What is email marketing? Details, Easy way to earn with email marketing, Make money with email marketing

What is email marketing? Details, Easy way to earn with email marketing, Make money with email marketing

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the means of digital marketing. Marketing or promotion done through email is called email marketing. What is email marketing? details

Email or electronic mail is a method of exchanging messages between digital devices. Email marketing is a part of online marketing, where product or service information is conveyed to Internet users through email communication.

Suppose you have a business, now you want to market or promote the business or want to let everyone know about a special offer of your business. In that case you can choose email as your communication medium.

Through email marketing, product or service information can be delivered to internet users in a short period of time. Only email list and template design is required.

Why Email Marketing?

Starting from business or website, blog, magazine, ebook, all types of services or products can be promoted quickly through email. In addition, it is possible to inform hundreds of thousands to lakhs of Internet users about any course or meeting of the organization.

For example, almost all of us receive some kind of promotional mail in our inbox every day. All of these are given as part of a promotion by an organization or blog. Most probably the mail comes to the mail address you entered in the subscription box of a website. When you enter mail, you may see many new mails and, if you like, browse their pages or respond to their next steps. Email marketing is the process of using email technology to deliver information about specific products or services to Internet users and encourage the reader to take the next action after reading the email. What is email marketing? details

Nowadays the use of social media has increased at a great rate. Many people do online marketing now using WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. So why email marketing?

It is often seen in social media that users may skip your promotional posts, or there are some people who are not so active in social media. In that case it can be a good medium. By going to the mail, the email will be deposited in the user's account, so the user can view it at a convenient time.

There are many people who are marketing their company or products through social media and email. It's better. Because if the promotion is more then it will reach people.

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How to start email marketing?

We all send emails more or less. But usually only one mail is sent at a time. But in some cases we have to send one mail to multiple people. In that case, multiple email addresses have to be entered in the recipient field.

Now suppose you have an organization with more than five hundred subscribers, and you need to send at least 1 email to all of them every day. So can you enter five hundred email addresses each time? And even if you can, it is not possible to maintain them where new customers are added regularly.

That's why there are email service provider websites for email marketing. Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail also have some such system. But these companies have limitations. Email service provider websites have free and pro plans to provide all email marketing services. Some of the popular email service providers are Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Drip, HubSpot, ConvertKit, AWeber, Mailchimp etc.

Email list and template design:

Two important tasks for email marketing are collecting email list and designing a template with important and attractive information about the product or service aimed at the target market.

Email list collection:

In order to send your mail to the customer, it is important to know the customer's email address. In that case, there are several ways. One way is to purchase email addresses. Lists of mail addresses of people from different countries are available in various marketplaces. People who do email marketing usually buy.

But there is another good way, and that is to collect through your own blog or website. You can provide email subscription box on your blog or organization website. From there you can collect the email of those who will subscribe. Then the customer's mail addresses are saved in table form.

Template design:

Designing a template is an important part of email marketing. However, email service provider websites provide adequate tools and guidelines for template design. You can use the attractive design ready templates from there or create your own. There are tons of guideline videos and articles on YouTube and Google on email marketing. You can start by practicing them.


Nowadays email marketing is very popular in the country and abroad. Not only those who have their own organization but also those who do not have any organization or business are earning good money by doing this in the online market place. To do the work at a professional level, one must be competent enough. However, the fact that anyone can do it with relatively little time and ease is probably why this job is so popular now!

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