If you watch this series alone, you will have fun, the housewife becomes close with her father's friend



If you watch this series alone, you will have fun, the housewife becomes close with her father's friend

A few months ago, some OTTs were warned by the Union Ministry about their content, but Ullu was strangely not on the list. But Ullur's USP is the adult web series. These web series were once popular among viewers but are now becoming boring. On the eve of Christmas last December 24, the official trailer of the adult web series 'May Ihan Tu Wuhan' was launched on Ullur's YouTube channel. The trailer has crossed a little over forty thousand views so far. This web series will be streamed on Ullu on December 29.

At the beginning of the trailer, it can be seen that the newlyweds' bedroom is perfectly decorated. The newlywed Mahima is sitting on the bed in a red lehenga-choli. Her face is covered with a veil. Once her husband entered the house. He removes the veil from the face of the bride.

  He removed all the jewelery one by one from Mahima's body. The night of their flower bed passed like a dream. Mahima comes to her house after marriage.

Her mother says, after the sudden death of Mahima's father, she had only one thought, how will her daughter get married! Mahima's father's friend says, friend's daughter is also his daughter. It was that person who arranged Mahima's marriage. For this reason he expresses gratitude.

Suddenly one day Mahima saw her girlfriend wandering around on the street. His girlfriend is crazy. Once Mahima brought him to her house.

By word of mouth, he comes to know that the girl's husband has sold her and married another girl. But Mahima's girlfriend somehow managed to escape. Mahimar shelters his girlfriend in his house. Lockdown has already started across the country due to the Corona epidemic.

At that time Mahima had to go to her mother for some time. As a result, he leaves his girlfriend in the care of her husband. Mahima cannot return home due to the lockdown. On the other hand, Mahima's husband has a relationship with his girlfriend.

On the other hand, her neighbor Renu has an illicit relationship with Mahima's father's friend. But the person's eyes fell on the majesty. One day Mahima's girlfriend comes to meet her. He is shocked to see Mahima's father's friend. Mahima comes to know that that person ruined her girlfriend's life. How will Mahima be freed from the conspiracy?

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