A close-up scene at every moment, don't watch this web series of Ullu in front of kids



A close-up scene at every moment, don't watch this web series of Ullu in front of kids

Ullur has a strong fight with Bhuvi. Ullu captured the Indian market by leveraging adult web series. But Bhuvi is moving forward. Even created their YouTube ad. Bhuvi is streaming adult web series one after another. As a result, Halloween week was not far behind. But this web series is not only Ullu but can also be seen on Atrangi App. The web series is called 'Chumbak'.

The official trailer of this web series was launched on Ullu's YouTube channel on November 2. 'Chumbak' streamed on Ullu and Atrangi apps on November 3. But the trailer of the web series has crossed sixty thousand views so far.

At the center of 'Chumbak' is a young man named Rohan. He is a doctor by profession. A beautiful girl comes to him. The girl tells Rohan that she can't sleep lately. Rohan gets his medical checked. But slowly Rohan falls in love with that girl.

He felt that girl was attracting him like a magnet. But in family life Rohan is married. Still he spends time with that girl. One day that girl reached Rohan's house. His wife opens the door. Her husband's acquaintance with that girl surprised her a little. But Rohan's wife brought him inside the house and made him sit.

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While he is busy, Rohan gets close with the girl. But as his wife notices, the husband has lost interest in her. But once Rohan comes to know that the woman has a relationship with the biggest mafia don of the city. But the girl loves Rohan. As a result, she kills the mafia don's lover. But Rohan's wife became a thorn in the path of his and Rohan's love.

Rohan and his lover plan to kill Rohan's wife. But will they really succeed? To get the answer you have to subscribe to Atrangi app.

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